Empower PAC

Be Politically Active!

Empower PAC is the political action arm of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. As a separate legal entity and as allowed by the Internal Revenue Service, Empower PAC supports the pro-business interests of the Chamber.

    • Empower PAC is structured to provide a means by Chamber members who wish to financially support candidates for public office.
    • Empower PAC is designed to support or oppose public referenda, including, but not limited to, bond and tax elections and elections concerning constitutional amendments.
    • Empower PAC is organized to educate the public on policy considerations vital to the community.
    • Empower PAC is a vehicle for the small business community to have a voice heard on positions important to their bottom line.
Join the PAC!

Membership in a political action committee is considered a significant elevation of a citizen's participation in the democratic process. Individuals and companies who support a strong business climate in Lafayette Parish and in Louisiana should participate in Empower PAC.

The Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce encourages all of its members to participate in Empower PAC. To contribute, click pay now or print and complete the attached form. Send the completed form and contribution to:

Empower PAC
P.O. Box 51186
Lafayette, LA 70505-1186


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