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Welcome to Lafayette, a city known for its rich Cajun heritage, delicious food and joie de vivre. Lafayette is also quickly becoming a hub of business, technology, medicine and arts in the state of Louisiana. In this section, you will find everything you need to know about living and experiencing the unique culture of Lafayette.
Lafayette isn't just called the "Hub City” for its culture. The business arena has diversified from its history in oil and gas to include technology, manufacturing and medical. From major corporations to small businesses, Lafayette and the Acadiana region have great representation in all areas of industry. Acadiana's top 10 businesses bring in almost $1 billion annually with oil and gas playing a major role in the city's business arena. Acadiana is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, and new businesses are popping up and succeeding every day.
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Energy continues to be a driving force in the world economy. Not only does it fuel our cars, our factories and our homes, but Energy has become one of the major factors which makes up the political landscape of our country.

At the heart of medical care in Acadiana, Lafayette continues to expand its advanced and specialized medical services with state-of-the-art facilities and procedures.
Innovation and Technology With a long history rich in technology innovation, from the first GPS satellite to revolutionary advances in drilling and beyond, it should be no surprise that Lafayette has positioned itself to become a leader in the 21st century economy. 
Parish Government
In his second term, a businessman and longtime business owner, Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and former Chairman of the Board of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce.
In addition to the property tax, there is an eight percent sales tax in the city of Lafayette. This includes four percent state sales tax, two percent school board tax and two percent city tax. Certain exemptions apply.
The intersection of Interstates 10 and 49 serves as a strategic advantage in transportation and accessibility into and out of the parish. Additionally, Lafayette can be easily reached by means of the Southern Pacific Railways, the Lafayette Regional Airport and by intercoastal waterway.
Entertainment & ArtsOne taste of Cajun cooking is all you need to understand what all the rest of the country is talking about.
ClimateThe moderate climate in Lafayette allows year round outdoor activities.
Information on private and parochial schools, public schools, other colleges & universities vocational/technical schools and University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
LodgingIn Lafayette, you can stay in luxury, stay in history or stay in budget. Visitors to the Lafayette area find plenty of comfortable places to stay, ranging from historic bed and breakfasts to modern motels and hotels with all the amenities.
NeighborhoodsRelocating is a big step. In addition to finding a home, you need to make sure the community you are considering really suits your needs. Lafayette is quickly growing with additional restaurants and retail space and there are over 100 subdivisions within the city of Lafayette.
Other ResourcesImportant information and contact numbers for Lafayette.


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