Smart Growth
Smart Growth is planning, regulatory, and development practices that promote a set of principles concerning the form and character of development and redevelopment.
Contributing Factors to the Current Urban Environment:
  • Population Explosion - Baby boom following
    World War II.
  • Transportation - Introduction of the automobile.
  • Technology - Mass producing building components.
  • Land can be acquired very inexpensively.
  • Government subsidies for roads and utilities.
  • Government subsidized loans for single family housing.
  • Zoning ordinances that reinforce separation of land use, overly generous parking,and set back requirements.

Existing Conditions:

  • Anti-space / place city of objects
  • Synthetic landscape – landscape miniaturized and pushed to margins
  • Automobile – the measurement of space no longer man
  • Acres of asphalt
  • Non-architecture– flat
  • Separation of use
  • Zoning
  • Types:
    • Ranch style house
    • Fast food / gas station
    • Big commercial box
    • Strip shopping center
    • Mall

Principle 1: Mix land uses
Principle 2: Compact Building Design
Principle 3: Housing Opportunities
Principle 4: Walkable Communities
Principle 5: Foster Attractive Communities
Principle 6: Preserve Open Space
Principle 7: Transportation Choices
Principle 8: Strengthen Existing Communities
Principle 9: Development Decisions
Principle 10: Stakeholder Collaboration


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